Kirsten Elise Dunn from Recession Proof Collective Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Kirsten Elise DunnRecession Proof Collective

Kirsten Elise Dunn, a visionary Social Entrepreneur, is on a mission to make a real difference in communities across the United States. For her, sparking change isn't just a lofty goal—it's a practical business strategy rooted in resilience and innovation. From founding and nurturing two multimillion-dollar corporations—Salt Optical (now Salt Optics, sold in 2017) and Business 4 Social Change, overseeing four distinct ventures—Kirsten knows firsthand the ins and outs of community leadership and entrepreneurship. With her Kingdom-to-earth approach, she even threw her hat in the ring and ran for Mayor of Atlanta in 2021. Now, as the co-founder of the Recession Proof Collective, Kirsten's focus in 2024 is all about empowering and uniting business owners, giving them the tools they need to navigate tough economic times and build businesses that can weather any storm. For speaking engagements or to connect with Kirsten, head to, where her expertise shines through in every interaction.