Victor Retana from Retanaco Accounting, LLC Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Victor RetanaRetanaco Accounting, LLC

Victor Retana is a highly accomplished civil engineer, with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of South Florida. He gained valuable experience through internships, collaborating with developers, designers, and engineers.

Victor’s passion lies in the heavy civil construction industry, where he has excelled in overcoming challenges related to cash flow, logistics, and manpower. His resourcefulness, financial knowledge, and relationship-building skills have enabled him to complete projects while delivering impressive revenue results successfully. However, recognizing the importance of small businesses, Victor and his wife Marie took a risk in 2022 and founded Retanaco Accounting, LLC. They have established an honest accounting firm dedicated to building relationships with clients and the local community.

Specializing in construction, retail, SaaS, and non-profit industries, Victor and Marie offer comprehensive assistance, not only in financial matters but also in optimizing business operations. Their expertise and commitment have earned them a strong reputation in the field.