Veronda BellamyMS, LCMHC, NCC, Veronda Bellamy Enterprise & Co.

Veronda Bellamy is a licensed Therapist, Nationally Certified Counselor,Philanthropist, Renowned Speaker, and Founder and Executive Director of Bridging the Gap of America, Inc. Internationally accredited by The Joint Commission, Bridging the Gap of America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit outreach program that provides out patient mental, behavioral, and substance abuse treatment for adults, youth, and families.While Bridging the Gap of America, Inc. currently serves the needs of residents inNorth Carolina, Veronda and her team plan to expand the nonprofit’s reach to support communities globally.

Veronda continues her torch of service as the founder of Veronda Bellamy Ministries, a safe space for individuals and business owners who are ready to conquer mental blocks and get clear on what’s holding them back so they can achieve new levels of success. In her work for Veronda Bellamy Ministries, she stands as a highly sought-afterTherapist who specializes in turning blind spots into breakthroughs. Her expertise powers individuals to create more fulfilling lives and positions business owners to plug revenue gaps and hit their desired profit goals.

Affectionately nicknamed The Master’s Inspirationalist, Veronda is a seven-figure business owner known for providing her clients with an eclectic and life-changing blend of therapy, life coaching and spirituality.As host of the Veronda Bellamy Inspired Show, she earned the honor of interviewing Dr. Maya Angelou, leaving listeners inspired, encouraged and ready to unapologetically pursue their dreams.