Patrick McCarthy from Shark Tank Success Story Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Patrick McCarthyShark Tank Success Story

"Over the past twenty years, Patrick McCarthy has built a reputation in the software industry as one of the most innovative and successful sales leaders, having worked for Microsoft, SAP America, Autodesk and BroadVision. McCarthy is always seeking creative and inspiring ways to motivate and excite his team.
Inspired by a Japanese study that showed workers became more productive around the smell of money, McCarthy decided to create two truly unique fragrances for his sales team. Working with master perfumer, Larry Murrison, McCarthy decided to infuse extracts of cotton, silk and linen, the main ingredients of real U.S. Dollars, into his new Money Eau de Parfum and Money cologne. As an added touch, McCarthy packs each Money box with real shredded U.S. bills.

In 2012, McCarthy was featured on ABC's hit program ""Shark Tank"" and his unique line of fragrances exploded world wide. His award winning fragrances are nothing short of spectacular. Each product is distinctly assembled with integrity and dedication to excellence. In Spring 2013, ABC featured his fragrances in a follow up episode and sales went to a new high."