Steven ChampaExecutive Vice President, J. Galt

Steven (Champ) Champa has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over twenty-five years. He has failed in certain ventures while also having record-breaking success in others! His foundational philosophy has remained that he has never failed...he just tried something that didn't work! He learned this in the John Maxwell book "Failing Forward". The one common denominator is that he continues to grow and apply sound success principles in all his undertakings. He was the host of the nationally acclaimed Bulls & Bears Radio Show which ran for over ten years and aired on over thirty stations nationwide. This one-of-a-kind broadcast was played on stations in Atlanta (WSB Radio), New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Tampa, and many other major markets. He is an accomplished and acclaimed public speaker who has stood on stages to inspire and train people all over the world! He has the unique honor and privilege of being a Founding Member of the world class John Maxwell Team! He is a Business Credit Guru and Specialist who helps SMBs to build a robust business credit file all on their EIN with no personal guarantees. His expertise in this area comes from his intensive training and practical experience as a small business owner. He grew up in New England and currently resides in Atlanta with his wife and two children. He is an avid fan of all Boston sports teams as he is known to say..."You can take the boy out of Boston, but you can't take Boston out of the boy!"