Stacey McKibbinCo-founder and CEO, Consilio

Stacey McKibbin is the Co-founder and CEO of Consilio, a peak performance and execution company. She believes communication and relationship building is essential to cultivate a high performance team. And having a high performance team, one that works well without you - should be the primary goal of any owner and leader. It's very hard to scale and grow a business without one!While Stacey has been a part of helping small businesses to grow since the early 2000's, she's no stranger to the ups and downs of business ownership. First by being a part of several rapid growth technology start ups, to purchasing a franchise, to running Consilio today. Her passion for teaching these valuable soft skills comes from seeing how confident and empowered a person becomes when they improve their communication skills. "It's so incredible to see people take the tools we teach to not only better their relationships and results at work, but also at home. There's no better feeling than knowing you're affecting their whole family's life, possibly even their whole community. Communication really does change lives."