Prasad Jaladi from Founder & Chief Facilitator, Suraksha Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Prasad JaladiFounder & Chief Facilitator, Suraksha

Prasad Jaladi is the Founder and Chief Facilitator of Suraksha. He has executive experience in biotech, pharma, and information technology industries including emerging technologies. He has done M. Sc. in organic chemistry, Project Management training from San Jose State University, CA, and training in SAP, Oracle, and CRM. Prasad managed IT consulting businesses from Silicon Valley and Texas.

Prasad has built international partnerships to promote STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He has supported fortune 500/1000 companies, universities, government, and private research institutions and hospitals with IT consulting, SaaS for data mining in gene expression analysis, and training programs in north and south America. He has promoted SaaS for end-to-end patent management and technology intelligence analytics for affordable innovation.

Prasad is a mentor and judge at startup incubators and accelerators. He has hosted international conferences and workshops for professional development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He is an Ambassador for My Green Lab and Island Innovation.

Prasad is supporting sustainable innovation and is involved in technology commercialization projects. He has spoken on innovation for the sustainable planet on the global forums.

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