Patrick O’Brien from Commonwealth Financial Group Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Patrick O’BrienCommonwealth Financial Group

Patrick O'Brien is a dedicated financial advisor with an unwavering commitment to empowering individuals, families, and business owners. Patrick's journey in the industry was inspired by his insatiable curiosity about the profound impact of money on our lives. He recognized a stark reality: many lack a comprehensive understanding of the rules governing the financial game. This realization ignited Patrick's mission to educate the people in his life on these crucial financial principles and share with them the potential to unlock financial confidence.

Throughout his career, spanning from entrepreneurship to banking and serving as a CFO, Patrick has been passionately dedicated to helping individuals fervently focused on their unique talents and aspirations. His goal has consistently been to help remove the financial obstacles that often obstruct their path. In his practice, Patrick provides clients with invaluable education, guidance, and oversight of their financial well-being, enabling them to shed the burden of financial concerns and devote more time to honing their gifts and pursuing their passions.

Patrick's reasoning for joining CFG was driven by two compelling reasons. It affords him the freedom to maintain independence, crafting a practice tailored to the clients he is most passionate about, all while benefiting from the resources and support of a well-established firm. Furthermore, he resonates with CFG's consultative approach to financial planning, prioritizing personalized solutions over one-size-fits-all approaches. Patrick takes the time to tailor financial plans to each client's unique goals and circumstances, ensuring these plans evolve with their changing lives.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Patrick enjoys free time with his family, staying involved in his two kids’ activities like rugby and swimming or going to their favorite beaches around the south shore. His passion for travel and his love for quality time with family and friends and his community underscore his commitment to living a fulfilling life both inside and outside the realm of finance.

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