Nathan Summers from Summers Cybersecurity Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Nathan SummersSummers Cybersecurity

Nathan Summers is a seasoned cybersecurity consultant who specializes in safeguarding small businesses against cyber threats. With over a decade of experience, Nathan has honed his skills in developing cybersecurity strategies tailored to the unique needs and goals of each organization. His holistic approach not only addresses current risks and vulnerabilities but also proactively wards off potential cyber-attacks. In addition to his strategic prowess, Nathan offers compliance advisory services, guiding businesses through the maze of cybersecurity regulations and standards to avoid penalties and maintain customer trust.

Apart from his professional pursuits, Nathan's passion for outdoor adventures - hiking, camping, and kayaking - has fostered resilience, patience, and adaptability, qualities that greatly enhance his cybersecurity work. This love for nature not only rejuvenates him but also sharpens his problem-solving skills, allowing him to navigate the complex digital landscape with the same agility as he does in the wilderness. Committed to the continuous advancement of his skills and staying ahead in the rapidly evolving field, Nathan is a dedicated ally for businesses seeking to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.