Melanie ToweyOwner, Professional EOS Implementer®

Whether it be in business or in life, Melanie Towey believes in fixing the root cause at the deepest level – not treating the symptoms.

As a trusted leader and consulting resource within the building materials, architecture & design, and construction space, Melanie helps industry professionals grow in themselves and in their careers, as well as strategically helps entrepreneurs and business leaders at a deeper level overcome foundational challenges hindering them from results.

As a Professional EOS® Implementer and Business Coach, Melanie acts as a teacher, coach, and facilitator — helping business leaders transform their companies and, ultimately, their lives. She helps implement a complete, proven system with simple, practical tools to help business leaders achieve three things: vision, traction and health. When you align and synchronize all the moving parts of your business you create clarity, accountability, efficiency, and profitability.