Marty ElbergBucket List Attorney, Circle of Life Legal Services, P.A.

I inspire participants to create a purpose driven workplace and live a regret free life by getting them to take action on what really matters to them. Participants experience amazing results and personal growth as a result of our unique goal setting and goal-getting methodologies, lifestyle design practices and group accountability.

I change people's perception, wake them up and help them live a Bucket List Life. As a divorce and probate attorney, I have 15 years of experience working with clients dealing with death or divorce. I have seen too many people live and die with regrets of not living a life they love. I teach participants to become a leader in their own lives and develop a work-life blend leaving them more fulfilled.

I have always worked to live, as opposed to live to work as so many other attorneys do. I even have an undergraduate degree in Recreation, which is a bit odd for an attorney. I have been using my undergraduate knowledge to live a fulfilled life and I believe in a strong work-life blend and living life to the fullest.