Marshall KruppCertified EOS® Implementer, EOS Worldwide

Marshall Krupp is a Certified EOS® Implementer with EOS® Worldwide. He has been a successful CEO with a 50-year career as a strategic advisor and leadership coach to business enterprises, public agencies and non-profit organizations offering management and leadership with a focus on strategic planning, public/private partnerships, effective decision-making, conflict resolution, business forensic investigations, political strategies, financial planning, personnel motivation, business transformations, culture development, leadership teams, and accountability. Mr. Krupp has overseen over $3 billion in client assets and has guided business development and strategic planning for over 1,000 enterprises. He is called upon as an expert in legal proceedings, the formulation of California State legislation, crisis intervention, and management issues, and is a motivational speaker, trained group facilitator, and an experienced executive and personal coach. He focuses on strategic decision-making and motivation of executives and organizational successes.