Katrina NoellePresident KNow Research

People are fascinating. And they want to be seen and heard and appreciated for who they are. I feel lucky every day that we are able provide a feedback loop so companies can learn more about the audiences they serve through my work at both KNow Research and Scoot Insights. I opened the doors KNow Research in 2003 with energy, determination and focus towards the goal of consistently delivering quality insights. Over the years, that goal has driven the expansion of the agency with a continued focus on methodological innovation. We support insights managers and marketing teams in retail, financial services and any organization looking to open new doors by helping them keep key qualitative insights in the mix. Stay In the KNow through quality, qualitative insights: admin@knowresearch.com It also lead to the launch of Scoot Insights in 2015. My Co-Founder Janet and I saw the opportunity to use our qualitative research skills to combine customer insights with client expertise to help decision makers crack crucial business decisions. We serve executive teams by helping them keep the voice of the customer central when making decisions for the organization. Scoot through your decisions: scoot@scootinsights.com As my companies have grown, I have had personally had the opportunity to endorse, support and mentor other women in business in general and in research specifically. I participate in programs such as WBE Mentor, WIRe & ICCC to support the dreams of the next generation of insights leaders and actively support openings doors to women-owned businesses. Both agencies also give me the opportunity to empower and support talented women on my team, in my network of expert partners and through my supplier relationships. I always look forward to partnering with organizations who also find people fascinating, and who value collaboration in the pursuit of getting to know them and helping their voices be heard by the brands that impact their lives.