Jeff HastedtCo-Founder & Managing Director

Jeff is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Brkthru, but the title he prefers is CPO – Chief Pizza Officer. Helping to harness the selling power behind digital advertising is a specialty of Jeff’s. He co-founded Brkthru in 2017, but his digital expertise goes back to 2000. Along the way, he learned the value of educating as many clients as possible on the nuances of digital media. He also brings 10 years’ experience in mass media with CBS, Clear Channel, and assisting brands and leading international digital campaigns for clients such as Ford, Indian Motorcycles, Novo Nordisk, and Lennox, among others. He’s seen as an invaluable resource for clients looking for growth in the digital space because of his ability to understand the client-agency relationship. Jeff is married and has a young son