Janice CharlesFranchisee, The Franchise Consulting Company

Janice is a Franchise Veteran with 40 years of franchising experience. She was raised in the McDonald's system with her family where she learned all aspects of the business. Her Dad, Bob Charles, invented the Happy Meal, along with Dale Pond. He also pioneered the world's first double booth Drive-Thru in Boulder, CO.

Janice has been a franchisee, worked for multiple franchisors and multiple Advertising Agencies including some of the following Brands: Coors, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Coke, Walmart, Sam's Club, Nestle, Kroger, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Baskin-Robbins, Mrs. Fields, TCBY, Camp Bow Wow and Smiling Moose Deli. Janice also owned Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company in which she took a small regional brand to national distribution prior to selling the company.