Gwendolyn Young from Your Virtual Admin Expert Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Gwendolyn YoungYour Virtual Admin Expert

Gwendolyn Young is the go-to Business and Operations Management Consultant for six and seven figure CEOs who are ready to greet their next level of growth. 

Gifted with both strategic and tactical acumen, Gwendolyn has rightfully earned her stellar reputation as exactly what she is—an indispensable strategic partner who advances every organization that she steps into. The brilliant brain behind several successful companies, Gwendolyn spent 15+ years advising corporate executives who implicitly trust her to devise the systems and solutions that significantly increase their profitability. As the founder of Your Virtual Admin Expert, a multi-six figure results-driven agency of professional administrative problem solvers, she brings her full spectrum of expertise to lead the company’s and clients’ success. 

Backed by know-how, her high-level education in organizational leadership and business information systems along with a pure passion for people, Gwendolyn is a recognized authority in her industry and a champion who lifts others as she climbs.