Empress Nikesha GipsonMBA Founder and CEO, Empress NMRG, MBA & Associates, LLC

Empress Nikesha Gipson, MBA born and raised in Dallas, Texas and relocated at the age of fifteen to Southern California where she completed her general studies at Murrita Valley Highschool. Completed her collegiate studies earning her undergraduate in Communications-Mass Media, minors in Cross Cultural Studies and Small Business Management and graduate degree in Business Management emphasis in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing and Financial Statement Analysis s at Concordia University, Irvine. She managed over 100 plus licensed insurance and financial services agents in Newport Beach and Anaheim Hills of Orange County from 2011 to 2014. During her career she learned the company was transition to more of an online and mobile friendly approach to ensure value benefits to its customers however longterm insurance agencies had to learn to adapt to an ever evolving market. When asked to become promoted from district life manager to a corporate financial specialist to manage more regions, she decided to explore her options by traveling, studying and working abroad overseas.

In the Winter and Early Spring of 2014 she moved to Shanghai, China where she taught as Young English Second Language (ESL) instructor. While abroad she learned the value benefits of the culture responsiveness and innovative technologies. As well as how local business owners desire to help local foreign business owners abroad. Empress pioneer an idea and concept to help locals abroad and far by instilling an intermediary program of college students and retired local to learn American Business and English to one day being translators for small businesses in America to grow international with their products and services. As a result, she returned back to the States and shared her applied knowledge and experiences yet the local business owners where not responsive because it was to futuristic and many owners was focused on what was present. Empress shifted her reality and began to focus on staying engaged with students on an international level, despite hardships she made her way back to her home state Texas exhilarated on how she can build her own family business without losing her passion and drive. She attempted to emerge herself back into the corporate arena yet she interfaced obstacles: credit score and over qualified for positions she was seeking to get employed just to pay the bills. What kept attracting Ms. Gipson as she navigated to achieving personal financial security for her household was direct sales network marketing opportunities. She did them in her past yet was not successful and she had regnited to do it again yet specializing in the financial services, financial education and health industries.

To no avail she delved into using her artistry as a poet to cultivate young independent artists seeking to become entrepreneurs and established business owners. Through continuous research and development the results was access to capital and credibility of getting notice. She knew the power of Social Proof and information technology are key components. As a solution, Empress decided to learn and apply her skills into real estate investing because she believed after closing deals the income generated would pay for a year's salary this would help finance her business operations, self-fund her passion projects and give her the ability to teach her success stories to her starving artists. As result, she learned many lessons and in 2018 she officially established her LLC and began to further her research and development on building her digital business infrastructure from home and scaling her operations from technology driven platforms and software systems and tools. Most of her traditional network was not able to conceive the reason for building virtual infrastructure yet it became relevant durung and after 2020's Global Pandemic.

Now, introduce you to Ivey Stokes, Co-Founder and CEO Infinity of myEcon which stands for my economy. Mr.Stokes background in entrepreneurship and network marketing specialized his interest in building strong teams of distributors for well known direct sales network marketing company. When he discovered and applied the strategies of the wealth and taken $10.00 USD and compounded into a multi-million dollar financial education company, he knew his mission along with his CEO and Co-Founders are doing a huge service for mainstream Americans. For instance, myEcon is a 16 year old debt free technology driven company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

With over 80,000 self-employed Associates cashflowing $500M and striving to increase to over billion dollars because their objective is to produce 1 million millionaires before 2030 to help empower household by becoming their own home base business owners while attaing personal financial success. This idea and concepts of its strategies and system works because Empress has been using the strategies for her household and business for the past 4 years and seen progress like increasing credit score, keeping good record keeping to becoming bankable and building value of building turn key digital courses and workshops for business owners to integrate into their HR benefit and compensation plan because myEcon inception at 2005 till now is recession proof despite 9/11, 2008 housing market, and aftermath of 2020'Global Pandemic. It still stands strong to this day and association has grown and company's payout structure has increased. It is learned your network = your networth

Therefore, we extend our appreciation to Mr. Thomas Inserra.Despite financial challenges, Thomas was able to take charge of his destiny at the age of 9 by helping others to thrive. Begin a first college generation student, he opened up a bank account to save money yet to further self fund his education his mother stated to him 'Got get a job'. As a result, he had an impromptu meeting with a small business owner whom was a former banker lead Thomas being employed full-time. This allowed him to complete his studies and earned his degree at Purdue University. The lessons Thomas learned was the importance of planning, saving for the future as well as delivering value of good customer service to your customers. This inspired Mr. Inserra to the banking industry and after graduating he was hired a key management role by the world's largest bank, Citibank. For every high achievement and accomplishments there are milestones to build upon which is trust and integrity.

Thomas held subsequent roles in Phoenix AZ and Washington DC at the FDIC during a major economic crisis helping to manage 747 distressed banks with $402 billion in assets. This experience allowed Thomas to witness the credible negative consequences which can occur during cyclical economic down cycles which are bound to occur. Yes. The uncertainties however when some businesses and banks are inadequately prepared to weather challenging times this led to realization of focusing on key essentials of resilience within core of a business infrastructure and culture. The importance of long-term planning, good governance, risk management, revenue diversification, measuring performance with metrics and studying best practices to enhance the durability and sustainability and safety of both businesses and banks.After, Thomas successfully turned around a Southern California small business bank he notice in dismay his own hometown of local small business had been effected by the Pandemic. Nevertheless, he learned Arizona ranked last in PPP loan support towards small businesses it invoked to Thomas remembrance how it was the small businesses who impacted and transform his life and career for his highest and greatest good. It became his calling to empower and support small businesseses.

As a result, Thomas shared his observations with other top leaders in the banking industry and got to the heart of matter to providing customized consulting solutions for small businesses who really need to maximize growth and employment. So a board and Exectuive Team was formed and Intergro 360 system and Bank is here to do help small business like us.Overall, backed by an accumulated of 100+ years of multidisciplinary mixed use of experiences and expertise. Specializing in Information Technology and Software systems, banking, financial products and services, corporate to small business funding sources. Are you as a Small Business Owner ready to ignite your Dreams and Aspirations and learn how to with us at EmpressNMRG, MBA & ASSOCIATES, LLC powered by myEcon and Intergro Bank