Dr. Syleecia ThompsonDr. Syleecia Productions Corp

Amazon Best-Selling Author of The Resilience Factor, Dr. Syleecia is an Entrepreneur, Educator and Entertainment Executive. She is the author of The Resilience Factor: How to Face Adversity, Trauma and Tragedy Like a Superhero which is an Amazon bestseller. She recently appeared on TV One's new series, Life Therapy with AJ Johnson.Her client list have seen the likes of FOX Soul BET, Aspire, TV One, Essence, Sony/RCA/Jive, ABC, CBS, Marriage Boot Camp on VH1, Sister Circle, Grammy-nominated singer, actress, and talk show host, Syleena Johnson, renowned Transformation & wellness coach and expert, Dr. Ivan, board certified dermatologist and beauty guru, Dr. Dele-Michael and several successful books, television, and media tours, and many other ventures. With her talent and vision, she is taking every industry by storm through her dedication and passion to see success in all her pursuits. Her latest projects include Fox Soul Christmas Special, Fox Soul Mother’s Day Special, The Making of a Woman docuseries and concert, BET and aspireTV film, Couples Therapy and CLEO TV’s digital series, The Startup and TV One original programming, ONe Stage to the Next.

She is experienced in the areas of music, television and film. Currently, she is serving as President of DuBose Entertainment, a small boutique music, television and film company founded by James DuBose, General Manager of Fox Soul and owner of DuBose Entertainment.

As an educator for more than 20 years, she has taught and coached more than 10,000 students globally. She is a full-time professor at Northcentral University and teaches graduate level entrepreneurship courses.