Alexander CuellarFounder & CEO, Realize The Market

Alexander is a marketing leader, brand developer, and a listen-learn master with over 9 years of experience in brand originality, campaign development, and digital media. His ability to strategize, plan, and pivot helps him develop multi-million-dollar campaigns in months.He has been involved in more than two dozen businesses, generating over 100M sales. This experience has given him the skillset to create effective campaigns, communicate with multiple teams, and delegate tasks.

As a result of these involvements, he's partnered with large companies such as Shopify, Convert Cart, Attentive, Meta, Madgicx, Hyros, 3 ICOs, and more. He has spoken on stages at the Small Business Expo, Texas Tech University, and hosts an up-and-coming Podcast called Think, Realize The Market.

He is confident in reaching campaign goals and knows how to effectively market food & beverage, retail, services, entertainment, tech, and e-commerce marketing solutions.

  • 9+ years of experience in marketing & sales
  • Operated 100M+ in campaign-driven internet sales
  • Specializes in media buying, automation campaigns, & SEO
  • Consistently elevates strategy and communication processes