Small Business Marketing: Crawl Before You Run:Small Business Expo

Small Business Marketing: Crawl Before You Run

D. Scott Bowen


Small business owners want to make the most of their time and money, especially since a recent Vistaprint Digital poll found that 38% of small business owners believe overcoming lack of resources will be the biggest marketing challenge in 2017. In this workshop, Scott Bowen, VP & GM of Vistaprint Digital, will explore the progression small business owners should take when marketing their business—the “Crawl, Walk, Run” evolution. For the “Crawl” stage, Scott will share best practices for establishing a cohesive brand identity across the physical and digital worlds. He’ll offer tips for getting discovered during the “Walk” stage, including strategies for websites and SEO, and more advanced ways to expand during the final “Run” stage. From start to finish, he will suggest tactics, tools and materials best suited for businesses at any phase.


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