Make It in NYC: Tips for Keeping and Growing Your Business in New York:Small Business Expo

Make It in NYC: Tips for Keeping and Growing Your Business in New York

Julie Stein



New York City York is known as a top consumer and commercial market, but it can also be a place where companies can produce and manufacture their products. Not only does the city have millions of square feet of industrial space (including City-owned sites), access to transportation hubs, a long manufacturing tradition, a host of financial incentives, and access to the global marketplace, it’s also a hotbed for new and emerging technologies. NYC can be a viable place for businesses to set up manufacturing and thrive!

Intended Audience
Attendees interested in growing their business in New York, those interested in making products in New York

Key Takeaways
– Opportunities to manufacture your product in New York
– Workforce Development programs to grow your business
– Financial incentives available to NYC businesses
– How to find the best space for your growing business


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