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How To Use Design Thinking To Solve Business Problems

Kevin Popovic

The Idea Guy

San Diego

Every business leader has a problem, and every one of them can be solved with a good idea.

Everyday, business leaders face new problems that impact the organization’s performance and revenue. The problem with problems is that not everyone can see your point of view, understand the impact or apply the same prioritization.

By using Design Thinking, leaders can better communicate their points of view, help others understand the implications, and get the consensus needed to take action.

Join this executive-style workshop to learn how companies like Apple, Nike and Target design problem statements that lead to outperforming competitors by more than 200%.

Intended Audience:

Key Takeaways
Create a problem statement for your organization that is actionable, motivational and measurable
Understand how to solve business problems in your organization using Design Thinking
Apply workshop tools, worksheets and processes for use in your organization


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