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Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Chris Power

Power Consulting Group

New York CityBrooklyn

This workshop presents cyber security recommendations for small business. Many business owners and operators are unclear about how to “right-size” cyber security protection and investment for their business. We present simple, practical guidelines to investing in cyber security for your business. How much security is enough? How much is overkill? Our workshop will answer some of the most pressing security concerns facing small businesses today.

Intended Audience
Business owners and operators

Key Takeaways
• How do you protect your small business to prevent intrusion and data loss?
• How do you protect your client’s data to satisfy their security, privacy, and compliance needs?
• How much protection is sufficient; what is over-kill?
• How much cyber security insurance should you have?
• What are the most common cyber security vulnerabilities facing small businesses?
• What are the nastiest malware and hacking exploits you are likely to face, and that you must protect yourself against them?


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