From Self-Employment Income to Life-Changing Asset Exit Value!

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What to Do with Your Business When You’ve Grown It:From Self-Employment Income to Life-Changing Asset Exit Value!

“Begin with the End in Mind!” is Stephen Covey’s 2nd Habit of Highly Effective People. An acolyte of Covey thinking, Sam Waltz helps Entrepreneurs and Small Business Leaders “put the ‘Ready-Aim’ in the ‘Ready-Aim-Fire,” in a single-minded focus on Liquidity Event Exit Value.

A Vietnam-era Veteran of US Army CounterIntelligence, an early-out DuPont Company executive, and a former CEO and President of his corporate development industry’s Professional Society, Sam Waltz is a nationally and internationally known subject matter expert (SME), writer, speaker and creative problem-solving consultant.

A credentialed consultant of “Built to Sell” Author John Warrillow’s Value-Builder™ process, deliverables in Waltz’ workshop include:
 Understanding Business Valuation
 Understanding the Business Sale Process
 Leveraging the Eight Drivers of Business Valuation to Grow Value and Prepare to Exit ~ Wilmington, DE USA ~ ~ 302 777 7774 ~
Waltz is happy to accept queries, emails or calls in a Free Consult.