Tarra StubbinsFounder & CEO, Take It Easy Group, LLC

Introducing Tarra Stubbins: The Ultimate Success Catalyst and Lifestyle Guru - Passionate about hitting Goals!

With an impressive resume spanning over two decades, Tarra Stubbins is not your average CEO / Founder. As a certified Lifestyle Manager, Accountability and Time Management Coach, and Celebrity Concierge, she has mastered the art of helping others achieve their goals and soar to RockStar status.

Tarra spent a thrilling decade on the road, supporting legendary musicians like The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even KISS. Her firsthand knowledge comes from managing the chaotic schedules and lives of these rockstars and many 7-figure CEOS and executives. Through many years of being a sponge in the celebrity world, Tarra has honed her expertise and shaped her into a powerhouse of practical time management strategies. This success dynamo has graced the world's largest conference stages and made waves across the media landscape. Her no-nonsense style and purpose driven approach to time management will revolutionise the way you tackle each day. Say goodbye to multitasking madness and hello to a life filled with meaningful moments.

Tarra Stubbins: Passionate, Professional, and Your Ticket to Unleashing the Life You've Always Dreamed Of. Your success story starts here!