Roberto Martinez from Grow with Google Coach, Grow with Google Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Roberto MartinezGrow with Google Coach, Grow with Google

Roberto is the founder and CEO of Braven Agency, a small business digital marketing agency and software company based in Los Angeles. He’s run over 500 digital marketing workshops with Google and in turn helped many small businesses grow. Roberto’s 16 years of digital marketing experience gives him the chance to use all his knowledge and skills to become a hands-on coach and help small businesses reach their potential. He is also the City of LA’s Entrepreneur in Residence and is a board member of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He has a passion for humanitarian work. Roberto was recently in Barranquilla, Colombia, to raise awareness and support the Venezuelan refugees. You can ask him about e-commerce marketing, brand management, digital marketing, small business marketing, digital ads strategy, new product launches, brand positioning, analytics, business development, and more.