Rebecca Merzius from CEO, RBS Accounting Solutions LLC. Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Rebecca MerziusCEO, RBS Accounting Solutions LLC.

Rebecca Merzius is an Award-Winning certified tax specialist and is the CEO of RBS Accounting Solutions LLC. Her accounting firm was named Boston's Top 20 Accounting firms in 2020 by Expertise. As an IRS Enrolled Agent, her main focus is on helping organizations maximize their opportunities by legally applying the Tax Code to their specific situations.

Rebecca received the prestigious Stevie Award in 2021, which recognized her work in helping and equipping small businesses nationally. Her firm RBS Accounting Solutions LLC is one of the fastest growing accounting firms in the greater Boston area.

Rebecca has been featured on Women CEO Of Today, Entrepreneurship, Purpose Driven Women and Several other publications. It is her desire to equip small businesses every day with the tools they need to reach financial success.

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