Pablo Genevo from Founder, GoFasti Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Pablo GenevoFounder, GoFasti

Prior to GoFasti, CEO and Founder Pablo Genevo launched a modern shuttle service for employers in the US. As an entrepreneur in transportation (an industry known for its low margins), he had to compete with big players economically while producing effective results and hiring quality employees. With his family and business partner in Brazil, he decided to hire professionals in LatAm to increase productivity, cut labor costs significantly, and successfully work with large-scale organizations.
After eight years of continued success managing Brazilian talent remotely, Pablo decided to bridge the gap between Latin American professionals and US companies. This would allow businesses to scale their teams and enjoy the benefits of resource optimization in LatAm. In February 2021, Pablo founded GoFasti to help companies build their remote teams with world-class talent in LatAm.