Nick Wortley from CTO, Bixly Inc. Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Nick WortleyCTO, Bixly Inc.

Nick Wortley is a seasoned technology leader with over 16 years of rich experience in executive management, software development, and product launches. Starting his journey at 15 years old as a software developer intern, my career has seen an upward trajectory, marked by significant roles in high-impact projects across diverse industries.

His leadership roles include serving as the Chief Technology Officer for The Paperless Agent where I spearheaded the successful launch of a new SaaS product to revolutionize real estate marketing.

He is the founder of the investor-backed startup, Overflow, a trailblazer in offering an efficient, mobile-based ordering experience at bars and nightclubs. 

He also served as the CTO and CEO of Bixly, leveraging my experience in software development and executive management to deliver products for companies like Lockheed Martin, Sony, and

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