Marlene Corpus from Owner & Founder, Mod MOVERS Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Marlene CorpusOwner & Founder, Mod MOVERS

Marlene Corpus

I've spent the last 20 years in commercial property management. And during that tenure, I moved from coast to coast. My moving experiences were never good, and some were horrific. I knew there was a better way to get people and families from one location to another without enduring the overwhelming stress that all my moves left me with. In addition, I had been considering started my own business, and on my last move from New Jersey to Sacramento, I know I was going to start a moving company.

After spending a year learning learning and modeling the moving company I wanted to build; I purchased a truck, equipment, rented an office, hired staff and started marketing. Within one year, and with 1 truck, I took my little moving company from zero to $700,000. 

Every decision I made was based on creating a move plan that was tailored to the customers needs. My goal of creating a customer centric moving company has come to fruition. Every process of moving our clients centers arounds their needs, not the needs of Mod MOVERS. In 2020 I decided to bring our services into the commercial industry. I hired the best of the best commercial movers and installers. I learned everything I needed ro know to begin providing services to businesses, designers, and contractors needing warehousing, receiving, commercial moving and installation services. 

Since then Mod MOVERS has become known as the "go to company" for all commercial moving and installation needs. We provide our clients with customized services within CA and out of state as well. 

I couldn't be more happier than I am today! Everything I set out to do has been accomplished with regard to Mod MOVERS, and we continue to grow in our services and locations each day. 


Marlene Corpus

Owner & Founder