Kameron KennermerBusiness Development Executive, ITque, Inc.

Introducing Kameron Kennemer: Tech Enthusiast, and Business Development Executive. Kameron Kennemer brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the IT Curio podcast as the producer and host. With a background in sales, marketing, and managed IT services, Kameron is passionate about technology and its impact on businesses. Serving as the Business Development Executive at ITque, a leading boutique-quality managed services provider, Kameron plays a vital role in developing and executing sales and marketing strategies to achieve business goals. He excels in generating leads through various channels and nurturing relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction and success. Prior to his role at ITque, Kameron gained valuable experience in the cybersecurity and software development industry. As a Student Operations Manager at ThriveDX (formerly HackerU), he provided guidance and mentorship to cohorts of students, managing webinars and classes for prestigious institutions. Kameron's expertise in sales and presentations helped maximize key performance indicators and drive program success. Kameron's professional journey also includes roles as a National Admissions Advisor and Senior Admissions Advisor, where he provided support and coaching to students pursuing careers in cybersecurity and software development. He played a crucial role in guiding students towards their goals, fostering their growth, and ensuring a successful transition into their desired programs. Beyond the IT industry, Kameron has demonstrated his skills in digital marketing and sales, he designed and executed effective programs that boosted revenue for clients through diverse digital solutions. Join Kameron Kennemer on the IT Curio podcast as he explores the fascinating world of information technology, shares valuable insights, and interviews industry experts. With his deep understanding of the IT landscape and his commitment to education and entertainment, Kameron will guide you through the complexities of technology and empower you to thrive in the digital age.