Jacob Matthew from Executive Producer of Booklight & Producer of Netflix's,

Jacob MatthewExecutive Producer of Booklight & Producer of Netflix's, "Less is Now"

Jacob is an international producer and co-owner of the film agency: Booklight. Through the years, Jacob has traveled the globe making both client content and original content. From his Netflix Original Documentary, to his countless work with major Silicon Valley Tech brands, Jacob is an expert in making high end film products that turn a profit. Currently, Jacob’s focus is on business development and growth for his film agency. From Booklight’s Los Angeles office, Jacob works in developing original content projects, building relationships with major US brands and growing Booklight’s international reach. All projects he works on are in line with his purpose of building a great agency: one where clients and financiers feel seen and heard, where his crew and team feel supported and encouraged, and where making a great product is paramount.

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