Dane Wagner from Symeta Behavior Science Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Dane WagnerSymeta Behavior Science

Dane is the Co-Founder and CPO of Symeta Behavior Science, where he works with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to help them improve individual, team, and organizational performance. Working alongside hundreds of startups, he is also a fractional human capital advisor for Gildre, an innovative ideation coach for founders, a team dynamics expert for the investment network, Angelspan, and a personnel and data consultant for several incubators throughout the US. With over a decade of experience in data analytics and UX research, he has contributed to industry research on topics such as loss prevention, behavior modification, employee satisfaction, designing for neuro-divergency and cognitive processes as well. He holds a master's degree in I-O Psychology and is still active as an adjunct faculty member within the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education as well as the College of Technology and Computer Science at Florida International University giving lectures and workshops on topics such as personnel selection, research methods, psychometrics, text analytics, and the psychology of entrepreneurship.