Chad Murray from Certified Professional Business Coach, Outside the Business Box Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Chad MurrayCertified Professional Business Coach, Outside the Business Box

Chad started his entrepreneurial journey in 1997 when his wife and him opened up a chimney service in a 100-degree climate of Dallas, Texas. As everyone told him he was insane he saw a market for chimney repairs and servicing because every house had a chimney. Long story short in 2023 his business thrives without him operating it while it services DFW, Houston, and Oklahoma City with over 50 employees. Gross revenue over $4.3 Million. You can read about his journey in his book "Operation Entrepreneur Freedom" which is on Amazon. 

After retiring from the daily operations in 2014 Chad was helping his friends with their business so much by advising them what 'he would" in every conversation he researched the opportunity to become a business coach. He applied to the Professional Business Coaches Alliance and was accepted. He was awarded the "National Rookie Business Coach of the Year" in his second year of coaching. 

Chad has helped over 100 small businesses create a better business though his coaching by getting their mindset altered to winning, better systems, improving employee engagement, numbers and KPI knowledge, and assisting in marketing advice to getting more clients.

Marketing came into the picture when Chad's second oldest daughter of five was gaining marketing experience. They decided to team up and offer marketing to the business and now have helped over 50 clients get page one presence. 

Chad married his high school sweetheart and prides himself on his success from his family roots. Chad will not ever do anything to a client that he has not done for himself. His experiences have turned to wisdom for all his clients to not ever make the mistakes he has made which save time and money for every client.