Brittany Richmond from The Speaker Lab Headshot Photo at Small Business Expo

Brittany RichmondThe Speaker Lab

Brittany Richmond is a former school counselor turned professional speaker. After suffering from anxiety in her teen and young adult years, Brittany decided to help others like her by stepping into the field of mental health. As Brittany began to open up about her own battle with anxiety, she noticed the impact her stories and strategies were having; especially on young people. This brought an entire career shift that allows her to help more teens and young adults at one time: professional speaking. Brittany is an emotionally dynamic, impactfully vibrant, high demand teen mental health speaker and one of the few active women speakers in the youth market today! She has spoken on some of the largest and most prestigious youth leadership stages and has served thousands of students all over the country with her message: Become an Overcomer.

Brittany is also a Resident Speaker, Coach and Marketing Team Member of The Speaker Lab! She not only helps new and current speakers start, grow or scale their own speaking businesses as a team member - but also as a former student of The Speaker Lab herself! Brittany believes that being in the trenches with speakers is what creates success on all fronts! She wants everyone to win therefore, she shares all her insights into what it takes to be a professional speaker!!

She currently lives in Green Valley, IL with her lovely little family: her husband Robs and their rainbow kittens Missy & Mittens.