Bimal ShahFounder, The Pioneers Academy

Bimal Shah Bimal is a pioneer, author, and a results leader delivering meaningful transformations. Bimal is the CEO of Rajparth group of companies with a mission to make a million pioneers throughout the world. Bimal has a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve their three-year goal in one year that is closest to their 25-year vision. That is the purpose behind his book series of 13 books, "Becoming A Pioneer." solving one of the biggest problems 80 percent of small businesses face-becoming extinct even after 15 years in the business. Bimal has helped more than 50 CEOs grow to the next level or more than double their business in a year by becoming pioneers and more than 1000 families secure their wealth to another level. He has been featured in NBC WPTV, Prestigious SFBW Magazine, Radio Entrepreneurs, I am CEO, Authority Magazine, The Entrepreneur Way, Office Hours, and much more with one goal: making your journey meaningful.