Why A Budget Is Stunting Your Business – From A CFO

• 10:30AM - 11:00AM • Workshop Room 2

Business owners typically run to wanting a budget when their profit margins are dipping or they don’t know why they are not making more money.

The reality is - budgets have you focused on the wrong thing and they don’t actually help you make decisions for your business.

For example - if tomorrow I told you that you have $600 in office supplies for your budget this year - but you already spent $1200 because you NEEDED new office chairs for and supplies for your new employees - You would look at me and shrug your shoulders…

A budget cannot account for the complexities of business growth, especially at the level you are at right now. It’s hard to know what next quarter looks like, let alone having an annual budget to follow.

Budgets also leave you focused on spending… and not what really matters - MAKING MORE MONEY.

Are you really going to tell Janet at the front desk she can’t buy any more pens for the rest of the year because you are already over budget?

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