The Hidden Power of Digital Data

• Workshop Room 1

90% of users will turn to Google to help with their purchase decision. By understanding how these users think, search, and act online gives company's the greatest opportunity to convert them into potential new business.

In this workshop, we will be giving a brief introduction to digital marketing, how it works, and how to properly utilize the millions of data points available in tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Most people set up an digital marketing plan and hope for the best, but the only true way to make digital marketing campaigns worthwhile is by analyzing the customer information available and making adjustments accordingly.

SmartSites manages over $27M per year in Google Ad spend which has helped reveal some surprising statistics that we will be sharing.

- Get inside the searching and buying behaviors of potential customers

- Learn how to optimize your organic visibility

- Learn how simple it can be to set up a Google Ads campaign

- See how to Utilize Google Ads Data for optimal success