Strategic IT Planning for the New Hybrid Work Era

• Workshop Room 4

Workspaces have surely changed since 2020! Pre-pandemic, the default for most organizations was in the office working on desktop computers. Then COVID happened and everyone went home. Now many of us are caught in the middle trying to navigate a hybrid work environment. However, not every industry is suited to a hybrid work model. Before you can start planning your hybrid approach, you first need to understand your own organization's needs.

Moving to a hybrid work model can be a big adjustment. You don’t need to make all of these changes at once but be ready. This is about building a plan for your equipment and spaces as they reach the end of their life cycles. Start making those strategic decisions so that, in the next five years, your organization won’t be blindsided by the hybrid work era.

In this session we will cover:

Tips for clearly defining "hybrid" and setting clear expectations for your team

Assessing your current technology and necessary changes to support a long-term hybrid work environment

Hybrid work strategies that keep your team productive and secure

Office technology changes to accommodate the hybrid workforce

How the hybrid work era is accelerating cybersecurity requirements

and more