Magnify Your Messaging: How to Explain What You do to Attract New Clients Faster

Coaching is amazing. It’s transformational. And… it’s REALLY hard to explain to people! How do you describe coaching so it’s attracting clients, instead of confusing or overwhelming people? In this class, we will have a very frank discussion about why trying to explain coaching is difficult, and why it’s so important to change how you’re talking about your business right now. Come ready to challenge your assumptions and make a big shift from explaining to finding the words that speak directly to the deepest desires of your prospective clients. Participants will: Dig into why you feel it’s so important to explain coaching, and shine a light on when (with the best of intentions) you’re making the conversation about you Discover the right time to explain coaching, and why this timing is so important Develop a clear, compelling answer to the question “what do you do?” Review essential elements of client generation (if time allows)