Hybrid Financial Arbitrage: Become Your Own Bank

• 10:30AM - 11:00AM • Workshop Room 3

Bank Like a Bank!

We've Been Fooled, because of what we were taught by the national "banks", "advisors" and “financial gurus” years ago.

We live in a society of debt. From birth, there is an expectation that you must consume to make your way in the world. Even children earn pocket money through a system where they are rewarded for consuming. 

Americans' consumer debt is over $3 trillion dollars and rising.

None of us sits down with a calculator before buying a home or new car, yet we blindly accept the price tag without so much as blinking.

Our perception is that things are generally easier for a rich man. But the only ones who seem to get a good deal in today's economy are the banks. Financial institutions seem to have it all. 

You may be wondering whether you can trust a financial adviser? Well ask yourself, who are they representing?

The main reason for this growing wealth gap is due to the fact that consumers are filling their financial toolbox with debt products, credit card debt, phone contracts, mortgages or car loans. 

You can't expect the poor and middle-class to solve their financial problems without providing them the opportunity to do so. 

The case for change is clear. The industry needs to rethink and merge their old business models with new technology solutions that deliver financial education or financial literacy, financial wellness, and the right set of tools and resources.

What better way to make a change, but to turn your debt and liabilities into income and generational wealth. You are either banking for the bank or banking like a bank.