From Customer to Advocate: Marketing that Scales

05/27/2021 CST • Workshop Room 1

Increasing transactions is most certainly a priority, but what if you could enable those customers to become not only repeat customers, but true advocates of your brand? I believe in the power of influence, and while social media, the internet, television, etc all fight for our attention, it's the conversations we have within our direct sphere of influence in car rides, at the dinner table, and when we're catching up with our friends that I believe hold the most power for the small business. When your customers have a delightful interaction with your retail staff, or the way you packaged your product left an impression, those are memorable moments you want to learn to capture and leverage to market your brand and turn that customer into an advocate. In this talk, I'll give you the foundation for how to approach this for your brand, and share insights of how I built one of the leading CBD brands in Texas by empowering our customers and turning them into advocates that help us market and grow our brand.