ALLOY – The Complete Franchising Solution

05/27/2021 CST • Workshop Room 2

Welcome to Alloy, the most comprehensive global franchising system. We are the only organization on the planet that has the in-house franchising resources under one roof to help you achieve your vision. Our platforms have been built and perfected to seamless lyenable the entire franchising process, from:

  1. Building the Franchise to satisfy the FTC - Franchise Genesis helps you create your FDD (Federal Disclosure Document) and all of your Operating manuals to create your 'business in a box'.
  2. Growing the Franchise - FranDevCo is an outsourced Franchise Sales Organization which provides insight and guidance with a turn-key solution to franchise growth and development
  3. Educating the Franchise Executives - Franchise University provides an educational forum for the exchange of best practices and lessons learned for success
  4. Finding Great Franchisees - The Franchise Consulting Company is a network of 180 brokers who identify, recruit and refer quality prospects to your brand
  5. Marketing Your Franchise - The Great American Franchise Expos connect franchise businesses with thousands of potential owners
  6. Increasing Franchise Awareness - The Franchise Journal is a national publication focusing on franchising and highlighting noteworthy franchises