5 Reasons Why It’s Still Important to Have a Website

AUGUST 25, 2019
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After having participated in 4 of the Small Business Expos over the past few months, one of the most surprising revelations we’ve come across is the number of business owners who do not have a business website or any plans for such.

Many of these business strictly rely on their social media platforms to grow their business, and while social is an absolute must in your marketing strategies, relying on them without a website is a huge mistake.


When you have a website for your business, you own the content and the experience. You don’t own your social channels. They can change their algorithms, layout, terms, etc. and all of that can immediately impact how you can reach your customers. Control is key.


Not having a website for your business limits your credibility with customers. It sends the wrong message that your business isn’t really a business, but a hobby.


Without a website, you are severely limiting your ability to show up in keyword searches for what you do. Over 61% of consumers start their buying journey with a search inquiry.


Chances are your competition does have a website, and if you don’t, they’re going to win more sales.


In the long run, having your own website is one of the more affordable marketing tools at your disposal. Editing and adding content like blog posts that help give you social media content and increased SEO just cost your time.