Coopetition Keeping Your Friends Close and Competition Closer


Many successful business partnerships stem from healthy competition. It’s a matter of cooperating with competitors to create a win-win business partnership. For many startups, this is a very beneficial concept.

How Coopetition is Beneficial to a Startup

Rarely do businesses thrive from internal sources of revenue and only successful startups understand the importance of collaborating with a competitor and combining funds. Only smart entrepreneurs understand how to establish successful business ventures with caution, not paranoia.

Additionally, having a joint business venture with your competitor can lead to an easy marketing opportunity. Both parties can benefit from a referral agreement and improve overall customer satisfaction. In doing this, you create a greater list of customers for follow-on sales.

Two heads is always better than one so creating a strategic partnership will not only help your startup grow, but also facilitate common industry-interface for a bigger investment in the future.

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