Urina HarrellCEO of Vox Pop Branding, Co-Founder Vox Pop Kids

Urina is a Long Beach native with over 7 years of marketing experience. As the founder of Vox Pop Branding Urina combines her formal undergraduate training in Psychology and Neuroscience from Duke University as well as a Masters in Marketing from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, to help small businesses and nonprofits attain innovative marketing tools to improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Carving out its niche in the marketing industry, Vox Pop Branding returns humanity to the world of business while providing big business cutting edge technology for small business budgets. Her small business focus marketing firm seeks to help small businesses and nonprofits establish and grow their brands. In addition to traditional marketing services, her firm offers marketing tools that are normally outside the budgets of small businesses and nonprofits in the form of customized consumer intelligence reports and mobile app development.