Tricia NelsonSenior Regional Executive District Manager, Wells Fargo

Tricia Nelson has been in the financial banking industry for the last 16 years. During this time of tenure, she’s successfully moved through the rankings, transitioning from a branch manager leading teams through transformation, growth, personal and career development. She’s led and spare headed mentorship programs throughout her career as her passion is seeing others achieve their dream and ideas of success. Most recently Tricia has led the GWA market for a top competitor; as a small business strategist, partnering and collaborating with over a 176 locations, Regional Managers, Market Manager, and other top executives. She successfully led the entire market through workshops, ongoing coaching, trainings, and skill builds with branch managers in small business tactics and education. She ended at the top of her game before leaving to return to her home Wells Fargo, a place where banking her career started.

Tricia Nelson currently functions as a Senior Executive (District Manager) for the Greater Montgomery team, leading one of the most affluent districts in the enterprise. Her responsibility is first; brand representation, professional growth of her team, pioneering through innovation; prioritizing the needs of customers/stakeholders alike and driving sustainability!Her favorite quote: Life is lived looking forward but understood when looking back!