TJ LoftinWealth Coach

Thomas “TJ” Loftin has been recognized as a multidimensional global business leader. Celebrity Car Builder, Inventor, Manufacturer, Real Estate and Land Development expert, preeminent Gentrification expert, published Author, Public Speaker, and Wealth Coach.

Since the age of 9 years-old, TJ was under the tutelage of highly-esteemed local business leaders of Compton, California who influenced him on the importance of ownership and of community. TJ opened his first brick and mortar business at the age of 21. It would be the first of many very successful businesses (Express Gold Plating, Compton Wire Wheels and Molded Suspension). His innovations and business acumen allowed him to establish low riding as a bonafide industry, with international recognition through the entertainment industry via music videos, commercials, and movies, most notably the mega hit film, Straight Outta Compton and his part in the up and coming Dr. Sebi movie started by Nipsey Hussle to be finished by Nick Cannon.

Transitioning from building cars and selling the businesses, TJ delved into the hot California real estate market. As a mortgage broker and land developer in 2002, he partook in developing the newly up-and-coming city of Palmdale, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. It was also there that he first confronted gentrification in-the-making. This information was key to the further of Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Ownership for years to come.Concurrently manufacturing rare classic car auto parts, he evolved a well-renowned public speaking career_ keynote speeches, panel discussions, lectures, training workshops, national tours, and supporting educational products.

In 2018, he self-published his first-ever book, top-seller “Monetizing Gentrification: Building Black Ownership and in 2021 he revised the best seller making it full color an adding 50 additional pages. Recalling the positive effect his mentors had on him, TJ pays it forward. Community involvement spans from prevailing against the City of Los Angeles, creating over a 100 millionaires, to teaching how to navigate life. His methods include his engaging backstory, trainings, and coaching. He especially advocates for the youth. Throughout the years, TJ’s accomplishments have been reflected in countless magazines, newspapers articles, and live interviews. His mantra, “Creating Entrepreneurs, Not Employees!” definitely reigns supreme!