Tiana Nicole BurseCEO, District Media Press

Tiana Burse is a 41 year old serial entrepreneur. Tiana is most known from her widely popular online show called “Hustle Season” currently streaming on Facebook Watch. She is passionate about helping brands grow and scale. As the CEO and Co-Founder of District Media Press, a Consulting and Marketing Agency, Tiana engages with a variety of companies. This allows her to have a specific vantage point through the data her company collects through the hundreds of campaigns running at a time. Tiana’s vibrant personality has allowed her to partner with 2 publicly traded companies and spearheading their global marketing initiatives. Tiana is also a sought after speaker, brand creator and consultant. She knows how to build brands and companies which she transcends in every industry. Most recently, Tiana has been featured on CBS, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq and NBC for her entrepreneurial insight and personal branding expertise.