Simply Speaks(He/They) M.S.Transformational Speaker, Simply Speaks LLC

Simply Speaks, Bio Over the past two years, millions of women in the U.S. and worldwide have felt the cumulative impact of the global pandemic, radical disruption of the “normal routine” of business and education, a disconcerting increase in intolerance and political polarization, and an uprising of repressed individuals no longer willing to remain complacent. As a result, author Simply Speaks offers women from all walks of life -- a bold “wake-up” call that is as unique as her name – now is the time for radical transformation, empowerment and awakening to one’s most authentic self. In fact, readers will learn that authenticity is nothing less than the gateway to true freedom.


Simply Speaks, an entrepreneur, transformational speaker, author that inspires women from all levels of society to be resilient as they answer their life assignment. Simply is a non-binary person whose pronouns are he/they. However, they prefer Simply or Simp. Not everyone was fortunate to be born with a silver spoon in their month. However, there are those that are fortunate enough to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and push toward our life assignment and goals. Through arduous work, tears, and several unforeseen obstacles, Simply's dared to stand up tall whenever rock bottom showed up in life. Simply believes that the breaking point in success can be discovered during the breakdown process. Simply boldly shares a few testimonial life experiences that helped to shape and mold them into the resilient visionary warrior that they identify with today. Simply’s ability to forge ahead in life by learning using the power of combining her instincts, intuition, and law of attraction to support her current success.


Simply has risen from the cracked foster care systems of the 1980’s that didn’t see the abuse in her kinship foster home, being kicked out as a teenager and left to survive in the streets of the South Bronx, what can you learn from a former homeless person that refused to conform to roles and labels designed to keep one stuck in the generational patterns of poverty? How to be resilient, bold, daring and a little rough around the edges to shake up anything that is not in alignment with your higher calling. Simply Speaks is the CEO of Simply Speaks LLC a training & development business that provides workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements to women’s organizations as well as organizations that seek to improve the quality of the personal/professional experience of the everyday executive on the go.


Topics for Conversation In interviews, Simply Speaks, M.S. is available to discuss:

  • Mid -Life Clarity: Personal and Professional Career Transitions for Women in Business
  • Women’s Resilience: Sustaining Balance in Leadership Roles
  • Integrating Healing in the Workplace to Support Women’s Career Growth
  • How Older Women in Business Can Avoid “The Perfection Trap,” and Find Authentic New Ways to Achieve Upward Mobility
  • Building Resilience in The Quake of Adversity
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